‘People under rubble’: Over 30 injured in huge ‘gas explosion’ in NW England (VIDEOS,...

More than 30 people have been injured in a powerful suspected gas explosion that destroyed and damaged buildings in Wirral on Merseyside, the local ambulance service reported. Footage from the scene showed streets scattered with bricks and devastated businesses.

‘Doing time as a spy’: CIA whistleblower Kiriakou on surviving jail term & his...

John Kiriakou served nearly two years in federal prison for exposing illegal CIA torture programs. RT spoke to the whistleblower about his upcoming book, “Doing time as a spy,” sharing scary moments in prison, but also the techniques that helped him survive.

‘Optimism far from reality’: Moscow dismisses West’s ‘rosy forecasts’ on Raqqa offensive

Moscow has questioned the Western coalition's optimism about soon recapturing Raqqa from Islamic State, saying only international cooperation can help liberate the city. However, it is exactly coordinated partnership on various fronts that is lacking.

NATO troops head for Poland ‘to deter Russian offensive actions’ (VIDEO)

At least 1,350 American, British and Romanian soldiers have been sent to Poland from a base in Germany. US commanders said that the troops were ready “to deter Russian aggressive actions.”

Las Vegas shooting: Gunman surrenders after killing 1, barricading himself on bus

One person died during an incident that forced the partial closure of the Las Vegas Strip as a gunman barricaded himself inside a bus in a three hour standoff with police on Saturday.