VAXXED: Documentary that no one wants to show (vaccines/autism)

After the scandalous withdrawal of the documentary Vaxxed from the Tribeca Film Festival, which was withdrawn after the incredible pressure of pharmaceutic companies, Robert De Niro took a clear position on the public...

Merkel’s conservatives underestimated refugee challenge – vice chancellor

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has criticized Angela Merkel’s party’s stance on refugees, stating that the nation “underestimated” the challenge of integrating asylum seekers and should have taken stricter measures in dealing with the influx.

NFL player refuses to stand for US anthem as part of anti-racism protest

A National Football League player, Colin Kaepernick, refused to stand for the United States anthem before a game to protest against perceived racial injustices in the country.

Cracked windshield forces Singapore-bound Boeing Dreamliner to divert to Okinawa

A Boeing 787 bound for Singapore made an emergency landing on the Japanese island of Okinawa, after originally taking off from Tokyo. The All Nippon Airlines plane had suffered a cracked windshield.

120 militants leave Damascus suburb as Syrian Army regains full control – Russian military

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that 120 militants have voluntarily left the Damascus suburb of Darayya with their families. The reported departure comes shortly after Syrian state television announced that a four-year of siege of the area had drawn to a close.

Trump pledges to ‘track’ all immigrants to prevent visa overstays

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to introduce a tracking system for all immigrants in order to make sure none overstay their visas. Anyone who breaks the rule could be deported immediately under his rule.