CIUX Mobile IMEI Unlocker shows a new way

to safety unlock a cell phone!

CIUX.COM last 9 years was in IT hardware business, selling and repairing computers and mobile phones.
Last year we make decision to use our knowledge in writing software for Windows and Android.
In the beginning of 2013 we create CIUX Unlocker with thinking that will become a bright spot among people who would like to Factory Unlock own mobile device.

Our software solutions are …

Easy to update

For Windows platform, we use Microsoft OneClick Deployment, because for end users is easy to install and easy to make updates.

Easy to use

When we write code or designing user interface, in the first place is our guiding principle that everything need to be in place, all controls, menu’s, etc. and intuitive to find and use.

Nice design

Regardless how application are good and professionally written under the hood, people use to look first on design. So, design is something that we approaching very carefully.

Good idea

We always ask ourselves, is there is in the world some application that not exist, and if there is, how we can do it better. A good idea is 70%  of success!

Test Drive

After finishing previous steps successfully, we are ready to go for a test drive. Users use our applications with confidence and enjoyment. All what we can do now is to wait for positive feedback from our users.

Creative Ideas

Our new ideas are few steps to realization.

Study hard

We are in IT sector from 1984, but also every day we are learning something new.

Save Your Time

Using our applications, You save time and keep more for You and family.

Future Strategy

We are developing a special software, which will change many lifes. Stand by.

Why to trust us?

Among countless reasons, we can simply list basic three reasons why to trust us:

  • Immensely important, honesty in real life, honesty in this digital “life”
  • Hard working people behind CIUX.COM, on customer satisfaction
  • Care for every single user

Our Web Site

  • For a faster load time, we have used CSS3 styling. As we do that, we have considered every single browser out there.
  • jQuery plugins performance has been considered in depth for our web site. Every custom jquery scripts used in this web site has been tested for stability and speed. jQuery plugins revised for performance too…
  • Custom php codes that we wrote for this web site, has been written in a clever way. Using original structure, we have maximized the performance.


Random Testimonials

Thank You for unlock my iPhone in no time. See you again soon!Carlos G. from Spain

Our Software quality

In CIUX.COM we think that software quality is the result of the user experience. Software quality is built from the ground up, with design and development methodologies, and with a special focus on test ability, coverage, and flexibility.